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The story behind Senor Campos Salsa

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Art Campos was a pioneer in the Mexican food industry. He established Campos Foods manufacturing corn and flour tortillas to major grocery store chains in Modesto and the Central Valley in California in 1947.



Arturo Rojelio Campos was born in Los Mochis, Mexico in 1913. His father Francisco owned a small farm during the Mexican Revolution. During that time the soldiers and bandits would raid homes to feed their army and cattle. His father and mother fled Mexico to California from being killed. They family settled in Westwood, California where Art grew up. His mother Ana changed his name to Art so, he wouldn't be prejudged.


After, he graduated from high school Art went to Sacramento State, where he met a custodian (who was a baseball coach). They started a conversation, and he invited Art to play baseball for the team. Art played first string baseball, at third base. Next, Art would attend Chico State University where he received his bachelor's degree and the University of California Berkeley.


Art joined the Navy in 1943 and served as Chief Petty Officer. One day he and his buddy attended a Mexican restaurant that served them tortilla chips. His buddy told Art that they could start a corn chip company after the war.

After the war they went into manufacturing corn chips in Texas but later that year the partnership ended. Art, his wife Marian and their son Roger moved to Modesto, California.


Art went back to teaching Spanish at Modesto High School in Modesto and later that year he received a huge crate. It included a conveyor belt and machine to make corn chips.

He decided to sell all the equipment one day and was approached by a woman who said "why don't you make tortillas? Art told her "I don't know how to make tortillas. The woman said, "I will teach you".

The next day Art made a few dozen tortillas and approached the local Save Mart grocery store manager.

"Do you think you could sell these" he asked the store manager? "Sure", he answered, we will give it a try".

The next day Art and asked how sales were. "Great, he replied, we sold out". Bring more tomorrow and you need a lapel and bag to sell them".


Thus, "Campos Foods" was born. Art started selling his delicious corn tortillas and it was a big hit in the Central Valley of California.

In 1951 Art started selling a few Tamales and a few other items in his deli in front of the tortilla factory on McHenry. Later, he moved the facility to Coldwell Avenue by the Modesto Junior College. He also started selling tacos, burritos and Mexican combinations plates served with fresh cut tortilla chips and his delicious salsa.


In 1964, Art and two other partners established "Senor Campos Mexican Restaurant Francises". They build eight restaurant franchises, from Turlock to Chico, California. By that time the public started to love eating Mexican food. Art and his delicious corn tortillas and restaurants helped shape California's eating habits in the 1960's until today!



Art's son Stephen started working for his father at the age of fourteen years old. In 1967, Stephen joined the US Army and served in combat during the most horrific times in the Vietnam War. Upon, returning from duty he worked again for his father and managed and co-owned three Senor Campos restaurants.

ART CAMPOS 1913-1995

In 1995, Art passed away at the age of 82 but left a legacy of honor.

"I started making this delicious salsa years ago and sent it to my family and friends. They all loved the taste so I wanted to share this salsa with the public so they could enjoy it as I do. This is my way of honoring my father, whom I loved and his delicious salsa!

THIS SALSA IS MADE FROM MY HEART, ENJOY! (not available in grocery store, only online).



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Handcrafted with Tradition and Passion

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