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About Senor Campos

Arturo Rogelio Campos was born in 1913 on a ranch in Los Mochis, Mexico. The family lived in fear during pillaging and killing during the Mexican Revolution. His mother Ana, hid him in the hills for days to keep him from being killed.

The family came to the United States in 1919 and settled in Northern California. After graduating from high school he attended Sacramento Junior College and then Chico State where he earned a baseball scholarship.


In 1942, Art Joined the Navy and served as Chief Petty Officer. During the war he attended a Mexican restaurant with his good friend and were served Fritos tortilla chips. That was when his life took a twist. After the war, he and his Navy buddy decided to go into the Corn Chip business together. However, a year later the partnership ended.

In 1947, he teamed up with his brother Ray ( my uncle) and started  "Campos Foods" in Modesto, California and made corn chips and sold them to the local "Frito Lay" distributorship.  A year later Frito Lay closed it's plant and moved to Southern California, forcing him out of business.


One day while he was selling all his equipment a lady came by and suggested he make tortillas. She thought it would be a big hit and no one was making them. The very next day Art make fifteen dozen tortillas and took them to the local Save Mart Store and asked the manager if he could sell them. The manger said, "Sure we will give it a try!"  The next day Art stopped by and asked how sales were. "Great", the store manager said, "we sold out bring more tomorrow"!

Thus, Campos Foods became a household name throughout the Central Valley and beyond. In the 1960's tortillas became an American favorite and everyone enjoyed his delicious tortillas. In 1965, Art founded "Senor Campos", a chain of Mexican Fast Food Franchises. All of them served his delicious salsa and tortilla chips!

I began working for my father when I was fourteen years. In 1967 I joined the U.S. Army and served with the 199th. Light Infantry Brigade as a rifleman. After the war, I went back to work for him distributing tortillas to all the major grocery store chains. I also, owned and managed three Senor Campos restaurants.

"Senor Campos Salsa" is my way of honoring my father, who was a pioneer in the Mexican Food industry and my best friend. He was a role model in the business community. I am now sharing this delicious PREMIUM SALSA that was served in all of his "Senor Campos Restaurants".  This salsa is made from the heart! This is the best tasting salsa on the planet, so enjoy!

Stephen Paul Campos


Art Campos was a pioneer in the Mexican Food industry. He established Campos Foods in 1947 and Senor Campos restaurants in 1964. His restaurants and fresh tortillas extended throughout the Central Valley in California. For the very first time, his family recipes and secrets are revealed!

Mexican Recipes & Family Secrets

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Senor Campos holding a tortilla bag
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